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"This book is so practical -- I referred to it every day when I was decorating my new house! I was mixing old furniture from my previous home with new furniture I had just purchased. I wasn't sure what to put in which room, where to turn, or whom to trust. Terrence's book walked me through everything, step by step. It was a lifesaver!”
-Patricia Thorp—Miami, Florida

“I had no idea how to decorate my house, that stuff is a mystery to me. I got hold of this guidebook and it showed me in a way I could understand, analytically, how to tackle this project. Now I’m not embarrassed to have my friends over.”
-Lewis Wilkinson—Richmond, Virginia

“I am the first time owner of a new apartment in a newly constructed condominium building. The floors were concrete, the walls unpainted, the windows were barren, the counter tops were unfinished, etc.  I was clueless as to where to begin, and was in desperate need of help. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested I contact Terrence Tullgren, the author of this book. Following the guidelines and suggestions as outlined, within a short period of time, we transformed a dull, empty apartment into one of comfort and beauty.
I highly recommend “How To Save Thousands And Avoid Costly Mistakes Decorating Your Home,” for ideas and suggestions to help you create your “dream house”—your inspiration will be a reflection of “you!”
-Eleanor Belson—Olympia Fields, Illinois

“This is a must for any architectural firm’s library. If they would hand this out to their clients at the development stage of the process, I am sure it would save everybody a lot of hassle and headaches, in addition to saving the client money.”
-Wendy Clark, architects wife—Housatonic, Mass.

"Decorating Tips That Will Save You Thousands" is something I  definitely needed when I was recently furnishing my winter home in Arizona.
 If I had known that measuring the turns in my home before buying furniture was a #1 requisite I could have saved myself a great deal of money and time.  I needed to hire a carpenter to make a template, and remove the trim from my armoire to enable it to fit thru the door to the master bedroom.
 I have just purchased another book for my daughter who is getting ready to move into a new home. I am sure she will find in invaluable.
 -Elizabeth Valdez—Goodyear, Arizona
“Your eBook Guide made decorating my home easy and really fun. I know I saved thousands of dollars over hiring a professional decorator and also by preventing mistakes I'm sure I would have made. The idea of an "Inspiration Piece" helped me focus my plans, coordinate colors and keep it simple.
Thanks so much for the great resources, too.”
-Carole Myers—Los Angeles, Califrornia

“This e book is a great self help decorator bible. I am going to send it to my daughter and her husband as they just bought a new fixer upper in Montreal where in home deco the ‘je ne sais quoi” factor is “c’est necessaire!!!.”
-Jane Millan—Toronto, Canada

“Terrence Tullgren is an experienced designer who has the definitive credentials necessary to blend style with each client’s personality when creating their special space. His advice on working with artisans and resources in the industry can save you countless hours and thousands of dollars.”
-Mary Edna Dorsey, artist and jewelry designer—Texas

"Find out what works & what doesn't, by using this informative book to create a wonderful place in which to live".    
-Dolly Weiss—Corinth, New York

“By studying this ebook, I was able to find in one place, information on all forms of renovation and decoration. Directions and suggestions (difficult to find elsewhere) by a well-known Miami decorator, guided me through all I needed to know.”
-Dorothy Ward—Davie, Florida

“Quando se trata de decoração, o mais importante é reunir bom gosto, qualidade e preço. Hoje, sinto muito mais prazer em ficar em casa, recebendo os amigos e a família, em um ambiente moderno e, acima de tudo, confortável. Estilo, design e bom gosto são, sem dúvidas, a marca registrada do livro de Terrence Tullgren”.
("When dealing with decoration the most important thing is to put together good taste, quality & price.Today, I enjoy much more staying home entertaining friends & family in a much more modern & confortable ambient. Style, design & good taste are , without any doubt, the trade mark of Terrence Tullgren's book.")
-Darcy Vieira, digital illustrator & animator—São Paulo, Brazil

“The information I learned from this book is applicable wherever you live in the world. I have lived in apartments and houses and there are tips that apply to both. I especially know what I can do when I go to sell my house to maximize my profits.”
-Cristina Gibson—Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am American born but married to a Swiss. I have been living more then half of my life here in Zürich. The do your own interior decorating trend is not at all a Swiss-thing , so when I heard about Terrence Tullgren’s book, I knew it would give me invaluable tips that I couldn’t get answered here! And it did… the book is a must for any decorating buff or just fun to read and think about the possibility of redecorating!
-Janis Tommer—Baden, Switzerland

This ebook put me on track in terms of what to do first in order to get my apartment decorated. I would go into furniture stores and wander around not having a clue what to look for. Now I have a plan and the confidence to get the job done right. Thanks for the coaching.
-Victor U. Yilmaz, graphic designer—Istanbul,Turkey

“If you’re really on a budget you will find this e-book helpful. It gave me the perfect idea for my “inspiration point” where it all begins. Before, I was just running in circles clueless to where I would start decorating my apartment. Thank you for making decorating and remodeling as easy and beautiful as your e-book!”
-D. Garcia—Miami Beach, Florida

What I really like about Tullgren's ideas regarding space and decorating is that he sees the importance of finding and developing, through the process of renovation/decoration, one's unique "inspiration".  I think that the most important part of making a home your own is to truly do just that, and to follow through with it. Tullgren's knowledge of the materials shows his devotion to the art of "home", and his ideas for dividing the work and classifing each catagory should be a tremendous help to DIY home decorators.
-Andy H. Clark—Kyoto, Japan